8/26/08 -   Went to the Daytona Reptile Breeders Expo--what a trip!!  I had to fly down, so wasn't able to bring purchases back (and there were several).  Plus, both planes down and back experienced malfunctions...oy!  It was great meeting so many wonderful people, seeing all the fascinating animals, having dinner with other cornsnake friends, and just exploring the whole expo.

I will be adding updated photos of my collection soon, as well as photos of all the snakes that I haven't yet put on the site.  Included in that will be my latest purchases from the show--a pair of ultramels with hets from Don Soderberg, as well as a pair of keys het terrazzo hatchlings from KJ.  It's going to be tough waiting for those guys to get big enough to breed--!!

Meanwhile, you can enjoy a slideshow tour of the expo by clicking here:

Daytona Part 1

Daytona Part 2

The Latest News!
Corn Moon Cornsnakes
7/1/09 - Well, it's been quite awhile since I've added to this blog!  If you visit my other sites, you'll see that is what I've been working on all this time.  They are iherp.com/lynnea, reptilegeeks.com/lynnea, and the Cornsnake Forum where I have a page, Lynnea's SnakeSphere.  We currently have six clutches incubating, two females due to lay within the next few weeks, and one girl will be double clutching although she wasn't rebred--so who knows if the eggs will be fertile or not, but I suspect not. 

Please plan to visit us at Repticon in Charlotte, NC, on the weekend of October 10-11!  We will have a number of nice hatchlings for sale, maybe an adult or two.

12/15/09 - Brumation is now underway!  The snakes are curled up taking their winter nap, except, of course, for the juveniles and babies.  They are in my warm python room now. 

Breeding plans have been made.  Visit here for a list of my exciting plans for Spring breedings and hopeful outcomes.
4/26/10 - My blog page has been moved to here!